PCDJ Customer Reviews And Testimonials

DEX 3 Reviews, DEX 3 RE Reviews, and Karaoki Reviews

5 star review

“Exceptional interface, very satisfying functionality. Didn’t upgrade from fx years ago because of single sound card restriction for headphones capability, but too happy with Dex 3. !!!!” -11/24/19 – 12:39am

James Cleverly
James CleverlyDEX 3 DJ

5 star review

“I’ve been using Dex 3 for over a year now. The tutorials and help videos are great, and the support is unmatched. Ryan is the man!” – 4/26/19 – 10:13pm

Nick H - Get Some Productions
Nick H - Get Some ProductionsDEX 3 DJ

5 star review

“Amazing products…..I use your products since so many years…bought licenses and even software’s from music stores here in Canada…now I wish I could get the DEX 3 PRO 🙂 ….thks Arnaud Bouchet.” – 2/12/19 – 3:42pm

Arnaud Bouchet
Arnaud BouchetDEX 3 RE DJ

5 star review

“I was actually installing DEX 3 on my new laptop PC. I believe that I’ve been using PCDJ for at least ten years now, starting with PCDJ Red, I love it and the response I get when I have issues, usually after a major update.” – 12/9/18 – 6:36pm

Linda Benton
Linda BentonDEX 3 DJ

“Very user friendly. Lots of cool buttons and icons to learn but there are great tutorials to follow. It has it all. Great customer support as well. Ryan from PCDJ has been great to work with.” – 11/23/18 – 1:13pm

 DJ Scott
DJ ScottDEX 3 DJ

5 star review
“Exceptional DJ software product that hasn’t let me down and top notch customer support to boot. I’m a PCDJ lifer!” – 4/26/2017 –  12:10:33 PM

Mandy Lynn
Mandy LynnDEX 3 Disc Jockey

5 star review
“Very impressive software and impeccable customer service.” – 4/26/2017 – 7:28:28 PM

Deb Lewis
Deb LewisKaraoki KJ

5 star review
“A fantastic stable platform that anyone professional or amateur can use. I am a 64 year old neophyte when it comes to computers and this product was a breeze! Thank you PCDJ!” – 4/27/2017 – 11:57:13 AM

Robert Stone
Robert StoneDEX 3 RE Amateur DJ

5 star review
“PCDJ DEX 3 RE is my choice for DJ software; easy to use, affordable and reliable!”  – 4/27/2017 – 11:57:13 AM

JordanDEX 3 RE Disc Jockey

5 star review
“Awesome product! Easy to use.” – 4/27/2017 – 11:35:27 AM

Joe Davenport
Joe DavenportKaraoki KJ

5 star review
“This is a very professional DJ mixing software ..It’s a user friendly…This software comes with user friendly, easy-to-understand and simple navigation tools, along with a clean user interface. You can use a number of the top control features and elements on your keyboard and mouse, which makes this not only easy to use but also easy to get started with music mixing. It was a great choice using that software…” – 4/27/2017 – 2:18:41 PM

Kamel Elkabbany
Kamel ElkabbanyDEX 3 Disc Jockey

5 star review
“The best DJ software I’ve used in years!” – 4/27/2017 – 12:55:00 PM

Gino B.
Gino B.DEX 3 RE Disc Jockey

5 star review
“The best digital DJ software ever … at the best price!!!!” – 4/28/2017 – 5:24:30 AM

R A Clark
R A ClarkDEX 3 Disc Jockey

5 star review
“Great Company, love the software!” – 4/28/2017 – 6:57:04 AM

AbbyKaraoki KJ

5 star review
“Your karaoke software rocks…best customer service ever…big thanks to Ryan!” – 4/29/2017 – 5:32:40 AM

BonnieKaraoki KJ

5 star review
“…Passion behind the product is tangible. Thanks for a solid product.” – 6/7/2017 – 7:36:12 PM

Philip Stoakes
Philip StoakesDEX 3 Disc Jockey

5 star review
“I use the Karaoki program. It is a great format and easy to use. When I first got it I received an email with contact information if I had any questions. When you call the phone number you get someone every time. I have shown some of my friends the program and they have switched from what they have to this. This program works great.” – 5/12/2017 – 5:57:19 AM

David Lane
David LaneKaraoki KJ

5 star review
“Very Very easy to use, perfect for a Karaoke Host, or for Home use. I have also tried about three other programs. Your program is the best and easiest to use.” – 5/12/2017 – 9:51:24 AM

Dan Belsher
Dan BelsherKaraoki KJ

5 star review
“Excellent software and helpful staff” – 5/16/2017 – 8:53:51 AM

JeffKaraoki KJ

5 star review
“I am not a professional DJ. I use the DEX 3 to play music at my man-cave. I will load a playlist based on the mood my friends are in, sort by BPM, set the player on auto and let the software do the rest of the work. I have setup some of the keyboard shortcut keys using the learn option to use the keyboard instead of the mouse. The Hi, Mid and Low audio settings were easy to use. I have dabbled with the sound and loop effects a few times but that’s about it. I have not had the opportunity to use the karaoke or video capabilities yet. I wish I knew how to use all the bells and whistles, but for now, I’m happy.” – 5/30/2017 – 11:54:33 AM

Antonio Pena
Antonio PenaDEX 3 Man-Cave DJ

5 star review

“Great Purchase, and customer support is A+++” – 6/23/17 – 12:52pm

Jeffrey White
Jeffrey WhiteDEX 3 RE DJ

5 star review

“Excellent customer services, excellent product. 5* all the way. I’m new to karaoke we run a community centre and this software is brilliant and loads super-fast.. and the help in setup and problems I have had is very quick. Thank you.” – 6/24/17 – 11:14am

Steven Priestley
Steven PriestleyKaraoki KJ

4 Star Review

“very good program, i like that you can run it on three separate machines, that’s especially useful if one causes problems” – 7/26/17 – 2:06pm

Brian F W  Lees
Brian F W LeesDEX 3 DJ

5 star review

“The best and easy to use DJ/VJ software. Very stable and great support! ” – 8/13/17 – 8:06pm

 DJ Alex Beltman
DJ Alex BeltmanDEX 3 DJ

5 star review

“So Powerful & User Friendly… I LOVE IT!!!!” -11/6/19 – 8:06pm

DJ Supreme
DJ SupremeDEX 3 DJ