DEX 3 version 3.10 with Karaoke

A New Public Beta of DEX 3 Pro is Ready for Download and it's Karaoke-Tastic

You've been asking for it. And we've been listening. Here it is, the first public beta of DEX 3 Pro that includes a myriad of new karaoke-specific features that are surely going to have you singing its praises. And you know what? This…
DEX 3 DJ mixing software in 2018

A Look Ahead At What's In Store for DEX 3 Mixing Software In 2018

We're leaving 2017 behind in our dust as we look ahead towards 2018. While we're not going to let the proverbial cat out of the bag entirely here's a glimpse at some of our goals for our flagship DJ mixing software in 2018. DEX 3 in 2018 Throughout…
use background image or video behind karaoke screen
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DJ And Karaoke Software | Using Your Own Background Image Or Video Behind DEX 3's 'Next Singers' Display (Video)

New in DEX 3.7 (public beta at time of post) is the ability to use your own background image or video behind the karaoke 'Next Singers' display. DEX 3 isn't just a DJ program for mixing music and music videos, you can also host karaoke with…
New Karaoke Downloads This Week In Karaoke Cloud Pro

Karaoke Subscription | Heat Up The Night With These New Karaoke Cloud Pro Releases

Get ready to throw the best bash yet. It's summer and we're turning up the heat (as if we need it) with these hot tracks on Karaoke Cloud Pro! Whether it's a backyard bonfire or a chic karaoke lounge, we've got the karaoke inventory to…
How-to batch unzip karaoke files

DEX 3 Pro Tip | How To Batch-Unzip Karaoke Files

DEX 3 is a capable karaoke software player in addition to being a full-blown audio and video mixing application. While it's not quite as robust for just hosting karaoke compared to our Karaoki product, you have all the required key-features…
Screen Beat 2 For Karaoke

KJ Tips | Look! Over there! Is that a Wireless Singers Screen?

This post was submitted by Guest Blogger and PCDJ customer Robb Ellicson from Spinn Doctors Entertainment And Events located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  few months ago my company acquired a new show at a bar that had recently opened. It…

Karaoke Summit Live Free Webcast TODAY At 1PM EST

Don't miss out on industry-changing innovation! The Karaoke Summit '15 is Today! The Karaoke Summit 2015 is kicking off the live FREE webcast at 1PM EST today -- and if you work at a venue that hosts nights of karaoke, you…

You Don't Want To Miss The Karaoke Summit 2015 | Free Registration Open

Karaoke Summit 2015 | Don't miss out on industry-changing innovation! The The Karaoke Summit 2015 is right around the corner! If your venue hosts nights of karaoke, you are a karaoke jockey, or want to learn more about the…

Karaoke Summit | Learn How The Karaoke Industry Is Changing For The Better

Change is good. Dollars are better. As the Digitrax team and affiliates prep for the 2015 Karaoke Summit, they'll post daily updates to their blog to give you a taste of what you can expect at this year's event.  PCDJ (karaoke software)…

Karaoke System For A Bar | The Software Essentials

A karaoke bar fosters a unique and profitable culture. There is of course singing, which lends itself favorably to more drinking which progresses to camaraderie. All good things if you're trying to create an atmosphere that attracts customers…
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RED Mobile 3 DJ Software: The Karaoke Basics

The totally redesigned RED Mobile 3 DJ software upgrade dropped a couple weeks ago, complete with a new "side-list" that doubles as a singers list for hosting karaoke. RED Mobile 3 and the previous RED Mobile 2 version have always made…

DEX 3 DJ Software Tutorial Video: How To Setup Second Display for Video or Karaoke Only Output

Our best DJ software solution for mixing all media formats is the all-new DEX 3.    DEX 3 makes it easy to mix music, music videos and host karaoke - combining all popular forms of DJ performance into one streamlined interface. Since…