Karaoke Cloud Player Version 1.0.6216 Now Available

Karaoke Cloud Player update 1.0.6216

Update 1.0.6216 has been posted for Karaoke Cloud Player, the all-inclusive karaoke software + karaoke music subscription service.

Karaoke Cloud Player is the home-use non-commercial edition of Karaoki that also includes the same great selection of karaoke music found in Karaoke Cloud Pro.

The subscription service is a combination of karaoke program and karaoke music for one low monthly fee of $19.99. Just like its big brother Karaoki, Karaoke Cloud Player is feature-rich enough to host karaoke just like a pro, but easy enough to use for karaoke hobbyists.

Karaoke Cloud Player currently includes over 3200 karaoke titles accessed and used directly in the software, which you download to your local or external hard drive for offline use. A great selection of older classics and new karaoke hits are included so any age group or demographic will have songs to sing along to with on-screen lyrics.

Today we released version 1.0.6216 of Karaoke Cloud Player that includes many performance improvements, bug fixes and a few new features including a new A/V playback engine that’s 3X more efficient. The new version is on-par the most recent release of Karaoki, and includes many of the improvements found in that version. Overall, the software should be snappier and perform better — good things!

The free update for existing Karaoke Cloud Player subscribers also includes library filters for the additional 7000 backing tracks (so you can exclude them from the browser or search results) and Karaoke Music Trivia – new ‘bonus’ content that has recently been added to the SaaS service.

Have questions about the Karaoke Cloud Player subscription service or the karaoke program? Please leave them in the comments section below!