How-to Backup and Restore ALL DEX 3 (or DEX 3 RE) Data

how to backup and restore DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE data

This is a guide for how to make a backup of all your DEX 3 or DEX 3 RE data so it can be restored in case of emergency.

Stuff Happens“. We’ve all been there. Maybe you imported a new track with a (very) corrupt tag that caused DEX 3’s database to parse and fail to load. Maybe an improper computer shut down due to a spike in voltage corrupted the database. For whatever the reason, the DEX 3 database won’t load now…so what do you do?

Creating and restoring all of your DEX 3 data is a simple process that will help you avoid unneeded stress. Using this easy to follow copy-and-paste method you will not only create a backup for your database, playlists, and history, but also your settings, stripes (waveform graphics files for all your songs), and text/image/video overlays. In short, everything that matters.

How-To Backup and Restore All Data

DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE store their data in your MAC or PC’s Documents folder

  1. MAC users can find their documents folder by going to ‘Finder’ and then click the ‘Go’ menu and choose ‘Documents’.
    Windows users can find documents by going to: C: -> Users -> Your name (computer admin name) -> Documents. 
  2. Once in the Documents folder you will see the DEX 3 data folder. If you’re using DEX 3 (pro) the folder is labeled “PCDJ-DEX3“.  If you’re using DEX 3 RE the folder is labeled “PCDJ-RED3“.
  3. Simply right-click on the ‘PCDJ-DEX3’ or ‘PCDJ-RED3’ folder and select “Copy” to create a copy.  Now you can paste the backed up folder into another location on your C: drive or external hard drive to create your backup. For example, open up/access the C: drive and right-click in an empty space and select “Paste” to paste the backup of the DEX 3/DEX 3 RE data folder. When this is completed you will see the folder in the pasted location.
  4. That’s it, your backup has been created!

In the future, inn the event you have trouble with your database or settings when using DEX 3 or DEX 3 RE, you will do the following (with DEX 3 or DEX 3 RE closed):

  1. Go to the location of the backed up ‘PCDJ-DEX3’ or ‘PCDJ-RED3’ folder.  Right-click on the folder and select “Copy“.
  2. Now, go back into the ‘Documents‘ folder and right-click ‘Paste’.  You will be asked if you wish to replace the folder of the same name that’s already in the folder – click ‘YES (or OK).  The backed up folder and all of it’s contents will be restored to ‘Documents‘.
  3. Now fire up DEX 3 or DEX 3 RE and all your data will be restored to when the backup was created.
  4. Start mixing…