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    i used to work with exactly this softaware with this skin and all mapping to my keyboard was premade.
    as i remember some of the buttons were (play/cue – F2/F3) (pitch+/- Q/W) onthe second deck (play/cue – F6/F7) (pitch+/- O/P). I lost my hard drive with it. Now i cannot find which version it was and what was the skin.
    Can anyone HELP???


    Ryan Sherr

    Yes, that’s the old DEX 1 (although that skin you’re showing is an older version of the DEX 1 skin). In the new DEX 3 you choose how to map your keyboard shortcuts (using LEARN), in the old DEX 1 things were pre-mapped (and hard coded).

    You can always re-download DEX 1 from the DEX 1 support page here:

    You will need your activation code to activate it, and you only want to use DEX 1 on up to Windows 7 – it will not work very well under 8, or at all under Windows 10.

    If you’ve lost your activation code for DEX 1 you can submit a support ticket and they’ll look it up for you: In the spot on the form that asks for your code type in LOST LICENSE instead!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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