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    Phat Man Blues

    Long time PCDJ user going back to Red and Blue VRM which I still have on my original (and working) DJ computer.

    Right now I use most current version of DEX3 RE. I use the EBOX44 external sound card to connect my laptop to my Numark CDMIX Bluetooth mixer. Unfortunately, the EBOX44 sometimes stops working for no apparent reason. Sometimes a quick restart of DEX3 RE fixes the issue. Other times a restart of the computer fixes it. Still other times nothing works and I have to resort to going from laptop headphone jack to mixer which really taxes my system with me often raising volume and master gain levels to just about max.

    I can’t seem to find any other external sound cards options (that I can tell anyway) that would work with DEX3 RM.

    I often look at the recommended DJ controllers but have no idea how they work; if they can be used to connect my laptop to my mixer (I really like my mixer and don’t want to give that up); what other external sound cards might be an option; and/or if they would be worth replacing my current mixer.

    I sure would like to hear from any of you new or seasoned PCDJ program users as to what you think.

    Of course, would love to hear from Ryan or someone else at PCDJ who might be able to advise me.

    ANY comments, ideas or suggestions GREATLY appreciated.



    Phat Man Blues

    In case anyone new or old is interested Ryan S responded here with some VERY helpful information:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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