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    I’m starting to learn the intricacies of using a standalone DMX controller. I can see that it will be useful with wash lights and bars for wall effects, but I’m without a third hand to control it during a live mobile gig. The standalone controller also isn’t fine enough to do complex transitions and beat matching on the fly.

    I’ve been looking into computer DMX controllers, such as the ENTTEC DMXIS system. They all look appealing, and most seem to support VST. However, a Google search shows that VST was supported in DEX 2, but there’s no indication on the site that it’s supported in DEX 3. This may be an oversight on the DEX 3 marketing page, but if it is, you folks need to update it.

    And reading that above link indicates that some VST plugins are not compatible with PCDJ, notably VST2 and VSTi. I don’t know if the DMX plugins are of that makeup or not, but I fear they would be, based on my experience making skins for DEX 3.

    So I guess my question is this: Does DEX3 still support VST, and could it handle the load of a DMX controller?


    Ryan Sherr

    Hi Harry,

    We dropped VST support when we re-wrote the platform for DEX 3. One reason was because many VST’s are often unreliable, and supporting them (as we always got support tickets and issues reported directly related to them) was something we ended up having to do often – which was a bit of a nightmare.

    The main reason is that the new DEX 3 platform is “one code” that can be deployed to any OS – so we have one code that we work on that works for both Windows and MAC (and soon you’ll see the new iOS and Android versions) – and we can even create a Linux edition easily. This allows us to work much more efficiently as there is only one code to update and fix if necessary. VST’s are not supported on MAC, nor mobile devices – so we traded that for an upgrade and refactoring of our own effects engine, with more effects in the pipe.

    We may add some DMX communication protocols (midi out) in the future – without the use of VST.



    Thanks, Ryan. Been wondering if I should use a second device (laptop, iPad, etc.) to control the lights instead of putting the strain on my PDCJ laptop. Anyone out there have any experience with that?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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