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    I have been using Virtual DJ for a while now, but during gigs it occasionally freezes on me. I’m trying out PCDJ VJ right now. Havent used it in prolonged periods of times, like during gigs. I noticed they both look the same visually and have all the same effects.

    I read on the internet that other ppl have had problems with Virtual DJ on Vista because it will freeze.

    Which program is better, or are they the same? Has anyone had the same issues as me? does PCDJ freeze just as often?


    Ryan Sherr

    PCDJ VJ was discontinued over 8 years ago. It was licensed via VDJ at that time, prior to us bringing in all new development staff and restructuring. DEX 3 is our replacement. Unfortunately, none of our products will run on Vista – it’s Win7 and up, or macOS. I would say try the free trial of DEX 3 but you would need to do so on a win7 (or higher) machine.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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