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    Not spicifically related to DEX but Pulselocker:

    Just signed up for the services and whenever I type in a search I get 100+ hits of remixes and extended club cuts etc…

    Most of the time when I am playing DJ music (as my focus is on Karaoke and use Karaoki!) all I need is the album version of the song not the ultra-remix-Dub-edit-party mix…. as that’s not what my clients want most of the time its as filler music or basic DJ… How do I find the original version without the 100 mix versions???


    Ryan Sherr

    The Pulselocker search is constantly being improved – it doesn’t work like our search right now and you have to be really specific. Try typing in both the artist name then a space and then the track title. I find usually the original track will then pop up first or in the top 3-4 results.

    They are working on this at Pulselocker – designing it so more relevant results show first no matter if you just use the artist and/or title (or parts of each).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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