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    Using PCDJ DEX software, what controller for Mobile Djing
    I am looking for opinions, on 2 questions,

    1: What are your recommendations for a solid pro controller for mobile DJ/Karaoke? I may be wrong but most of the mobile’s I know purchased high-end controller,i.e Pioneer etc… but like Microsoft Office I see most of the folks using about 10% of all the overall features. Not the case with my DJ friends in clubs!

    2: Sorry maybe 3 questing but! What are your most important features that you use for DJ/karaoke functions? i.e. I read the article about Best DJ controllers for PCDJ Karaoke, and one of the big winners was a Pioneer simply because it can accommodate 3 mic’s?

    3: Have you come up with alternatives to full controllers for your DJ parties? i.e. 2 ch A& H mixer with 2 computers, media devices etc… ?

    I am looking for solid piece of hardware that will work with PCDJ DEX software audio & video Karaoke , that has pro quality, clean audio,, I.e A&H, Rane, Denon, Pioneer etc…, with the right functions for typical DJ gigs and Karaoke parties without 90% of the sampling, pad functionality that I probably won’t use? Please feel free to tell me otherwise!

    Appreciate your response


    Ryan Sherr

    Hey CP101, I highly suggest you post this on our Facebook User Group – which is a lot more active than these forums so you should receive rapid responses. You can join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/208451843303338/

    If you need 3 mic inputs, like most KJs desire, than the SX3 is a great option. Or, do what many do, use a separate mic mixer for karaoke and use a basic DJ controller – something like the DDJ-SB3 would work great.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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