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    I keep hoping that the updates we are getting will start to have some of the wishlist things implemented. I know that not all of them are going to happen, but know that there are a few that a number of people would like. Any ideas on when they could happen?


    Ryan Sherr

    Some of the wishlist items are already implemented. However, right now 3.8 is the focus (hoping for a December release) – and we posted a preview blog post about what’s going to come in that update here: http://www.pcdj.com/major-upgrades-are-coming-in-dex-3-8/

    After that update is out, the focus will be primarily on some of the karaoke functionality – such as singer/song history, more rotation options and a better way to handle filler music. These items are in the wishlist.

    Obviously some of our own development plans will trump wishlist items from time to time. 3.8 is a major core upgrade that really needs to be done first, and is something we’ve had in the works (the new sync engine) for quite some time.

    As you noted, there will be items in the wishlist we won’t do, mainly because they don’t fit within the overall development plan and the way we code.

    Keep in mind too that we’re constantly adding DJ controllers (3 new controllers are being mapped now) – which also takes some development time/effort.

    Make no mistake, lots of good stuff in the wishlist forum – and we’ll continue to take development cues from there.



    How do we rescan songs to automatically update tag?


    Ryan Sherr

    if you changed tags outside of DEX 3, and not locally in the application, then you will want to re-import the songs from scratch. Start by deleting the DEX 3 database file from Documents -> PCDJ-DEX3 -> Database. Delete the ‘database’ file in that folder. Then launch DEX 3 and re-import the songs and the new tag data will be used.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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