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    I’m still unable to use Dex 3 because of the constant video skips and pauses that I’m experiencing. I’ve been working with Ryan on this issue, but we still haven’t been able to fix the problems, despite buying a brand new high dollar laptop and making all the recommended settings that PCDJ suggested.

    Is anyone else experiencing these problems, or know how to fix the issues I’m having? Any help or suggestions, would Greatly be appreciated.


    Ryan Sherr

    Hello tdh10,

    So are you now using a computer with a dedicated graphics card? What are all the specifications of your new machine, specifically processor, amount of RAM, and Graphics card? Are you using DEX at this time?

    If you mix/play HD videos you need a machine that has a dedicated graphics card – and you need to make sure DEX 3 is using it for all video processing. This guide will show you how to do that:

    If you have a massive library of music, you also need the right amount of system RAM to manage it in the cache (for instant searching etc).

    Are you using a Pro Audio USB interface? If so, which one? Keep in mind the latency (buffer size) of the audio interface can impact playback performance as well – you may simply need to bump it up a couple settings.

    You can also try disabling “SHADERS” if you have them running – they will each up graphics resources.

    I would also join our PCDJ User Group – much more activity and user interaction there. You would get much quicker responses from our users. Join here:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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