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    So, I’ve been using DEX 3 RE for about 5 years. I make my playlist, hit auto play, and go enjoy the party. No problems, I love it! Now that I have a new laptop with Windows 10, I have problems. A few songs play, then a song will stutter. I can fix it by sliding the latency bar back and forth, but I have never had to do this. How do I fix this problem so it stops happening? Am I the only one having this issue?



    Never mind, I will answer my own question. The stuttering was unstoppable and I couldn’t figure out why. I downloaded a program to clean up my laptop and it found the problems and fixed them. That seems to be all that I needed, thank goodness!


    Phat Man Blues

    So care to share what program you downloaded that cleaned up your laptop?

    Any idea what was causing the problem that needed to be cleaned up?




    sorry, PMB
    I don’t know what was causing it, and I didn’t get any suggestions.
    I thought it had something to do with “latency”, but I don’t know enough about that.
    I downloaded pcactivator and it helped.



    and here’s an update.
    I was minutes into reviewing a playlist and the problem static/stuttering happened again. I tried to manually run my antivirus program and it would not run. So, I emailed for help, and here’s what I was told:
    Kindly ensure all other antivirus programs have been properly disabled or turned off before running Safebytes Antivirus as it is recommended to install only one version of an antivirus program on your computer. Having multiple antivirus programs installed at the same time can cause performance issues.
    Did they mean performance issues with the antivirus program or with the computer in general?
    I then did a search on my laptop for antivirus programs and found this:
    Windows Defender protects your computer against viruses, spyware and other malicious software. You can turn this off temporarily, but if it’s off for a while, it will turn back on automatically. I ran this scan, and it found no problems. I deactivated it, and ran PC Activator (came with Safebytes purchase?). It found 8222 issues, and supposedly fixed them.
    I’m so confused. Hope it works this time.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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