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    I have a problem with Karaoki’s splash screen not closing after the program loads… it stays on top of everything until I close Karaoki via task manager as the main program window will not appear at all… it shows that it is loaded and active in the task bar bot will no appear on screen… I looked to see if it as showing on the secondary monitor no… I have reinstalled the program 4 times now I am using build 0.8.606.23419

    This is affecting my shows as I have had to start using the free Karafun player as an emergency backup with is not a professional hoster…


    Ryan Sherr

    Try RIGHT CLICKING on your task bar (not on the Karaoki logo, just on the blank portion of your task bar) and select CASCADE WINDOWS. Can you now get to the pop up message behind the load screen? What does it say on it?

    If it’s suggesting you have to “log in to verify subscription status” for Karaoke Cloud Pro – you can disable this by going to options -> subscriptions -> karaoke cloud pro and clicking ENABLE SERVICE to disable it so that box no longer displays behind Karaoki on startup. We are looking into a fix for this as others have had the same issue under Windows 10.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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