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    I have a karaoke library that is nearly 20 years old, most of the songs ripped from the original CDGs, many new downloads. After moving my library multiple times and using multiple different software, I am now trying to load my library into Karaoki but I am running into an issue where the import never finishes. I have a directory that has 50,000 songs in it. I created a case and then imported the songs by using ‘Scan Folder’. It starts but never finishes. When I restart my computer, the case is empty.

    Are there limitations to the number of songs in a case? It seems that case categorization is an outdated way of organizing song libraries. Ultimately, I’d like to import my entire library which is over 100,000 songs. Any suggestions for how to accomplish this is greatly appreciated and will influence whether or not I purchase.


    Ryan Sherr

    There are users with over 250,000 songs in a case, so the size of your library doesn’t sound like the problem. I actually haven’t witnessed Karaoki hang during import like that — I can only assume it’s running across a file it doesn’t like, or is somehow losing connectivity with your drive. You may want to try our newer LYRX karaoke software regardless, it’s very modern/snappy and uses a different import method (although, it doesn’t offer the file name extraction methods that Karaoki does) — you can check it out here:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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