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    Does anyone know if there is a way of mixing one song to another using the auto fade slider but instead of loading the next track, pausing the song where it’s faded?

    When hosting karaoke and you’ve got loads of singers to get up and little time left to do it in, you want to get on with calling people up as quickly as poss, but you play a video in between singers, and its a great tune and the punters are loving it, you need to get the singers up, so you cross fade it after 20 seconds of play and the song has gone. It would be good if you could come back to that song when the person has finished destroying a song. I never used to worry about it before as I never used to really use the auto cross fade, but since buying a Mac Book last week, I can’t always manually cross fade because more often than not, the crossfader sticks, so I have to auto fade it, but then I lose an entire song. Can anyone help?


    Ryan Sherr

    I’ve never heard of the on-screen crossfader ‘sticking’ (unless it’s still moving during automix). Can you elaborate on this?

    DEX 3 does have an automatic filler music player that always kicks back on at the same spot of the song it faded out on. The filler music player will fade out when you start a karaoke track (when using load singer to load/play karaoke tracks from rotation), and fade back in when the karaoke song stops. But, if you’re using another deck for a video file, you are likely not using the automatic filler music player, and as such you can only do things manually as you have been doing.

    I am more curious about the crossfader ‘sticking’ thing – that’s never been reported prior to my knowledge. Also, you can map the crossfader to keystrokes if you wish (using the LEARN feature to map the left/right movements). That way you don’t have to use a mouse to move the on-screen fader.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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