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    So I have a couple questions. I bought PCDJ Dex 3 Pro. I can not figure out how to create a saved singers list. In the program I use now I can save a singers list for the next time they come in. That way I dont have to enter songs every time. Also how can singers put in more that one song at a time? I dont wan them to loose their spot in rotation. How I am seeing everything is that I will have to write down the rotation order so no one gets skipped since it deletes them after their song is played. Help I am confused and frustrated. I have watched all the videos…


    Ryan Sherr


    DEX 3 (compared to our stand-alone Karaoki karaoke software at the moment) has more limited karaoke-specific features. It’s equipped basic singers list, key control, next singers screen, Party Tyme Karaoke subscription support. We are working on an update now that will support more karaoke specific features, such as more rotation options and singer/song history (among a few other smaller items such as multiplex support). This, like any DEX 3 update, will be free of charge for you.

    As DJ application go, DEX 3 still has one of the most (if not them most) robust feature set for karaoke hosting already – and we plan to focus on this area across the next 2-3 free updates,

    So, you aren’t doing anything wrong at all, this is exactly how things work right now. You have to input the singers name for every song you add to the rotation list. We are very familiar with how you WANT things to work as our Karaoki software already has the features you’re after.

    We’ll email you when updates are available for DEX 3!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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