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    Hi I recently upgraded from old version. I made a back up from my old version, and have restored to new version.
    My problem is that when i enter into singer data, I add singer, i tick songs to put onto rotation list but it does not add songs, it says add track or you will be skipped, i do toggle the in rotation button, but no effect. It will allow me to check all songs and add to rotation, but not individually, does not happen with all singers added, some actually will add tracks individually.
    Would like to revert back to older version, as was simple, select singer, select track and add to rotation, simple, and yes I do have fixed selected in rotation options.
    How do I load my old version back to my new pc.



    Ryan Sherr

    Are you using the LATEST version? If so, you want to be using FIXED rotation, not the old ‘list mode’ which hasn’t been updated/worked on in years. If your right-click in rotation, select ‘rotation options’ and make sure you’re in fixed mode – ticking boxes should send songs to the singers queue no problem. If you’re not sure if you have the very latest Karaoki version, do not download it from the support page – simply download and install the free trial from this page with your existing version closed to update it:

    Let me know if that issue still persists.

    Otherwise, do you know WHICH old version of Karaoki you were using, specifically? There have been hundreds of builds over the last 15+ years.



    Problem Solved.
    After restoring singer data and history from older version you must then close down and re-open in order to add singer tracks to rotation. Works as should do then.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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