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    While watching the tutorials on Dex 3, I noticed that you have to do everything out of the side list. Is there a way to have two lists? One that does not delete on load. Here is what I am thinking. I want to play out of a folder that is background music, just put on shuffle and let it play. While it is playing then I can set up my waitlist for the party time at a wedding. Well i guess I could do what I want if you could shuffle play in the seach column. I really can not tell what I want trying to type it. What i want is something similar to the old Red mobile that had the waitlist, but you could play out of any other folders and those folders stayed the same.


    Ryan Sherr

    Yes, automix only plays from the sidelist. You can of course create user lists in the order you wish for them to be played and send all contents at once to the sidelist to automix – but you can’t select a user list to play from without sending the tracks to the sidelist first.

    Our older DEX 3 version would allow to play from any list, but you had to leave the cursor in that list or it would start selecting songs from other areas of you accidentally highlight a track in that list. So the new method is improved.

    With that said we agree with including a way to select a user list to automix/shuffle from for background music – so the sidelist can be used for just karaoke. Already something we’ve put in the “to-do”!

    Right now you can stack regularly songs in between karaoke tracks, but that can get a little messy.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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