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    Is anybody having any issues with the speed of the search feature? Mine takes forever and is virtually unusable during an event. If I don’t do it ahead of time I am screwed…HELP!!



    Ryan Sherr

    What build of Karaoki are you currently running? Search speed has been improved since the old public release – try it in this build of Karaoki:

    Approximately how many songs total do you have in Karaoki? Do you have any cases that contain more than the recommended 80,000 or less songs (per case)? What are the specifications of the machine you’re using?

    Please let us know, thanks!



    I have found that by playing with the way I search, I can get faster results. For example, to find Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash, Typing the whole title, Folsom Prison Blues, yields a slower search than searching for CB90074 the disc that it is on. CB9 Fol also produces a quick result. I have my search options set to search the filename only since I have all my files named properly and searching the other fields becomes redundant.I think that also makes a difference, though I have never timed it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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