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    hi just tried the latest rc 3.6 and the search function is screwed up . i can type a couple of letters into the search box and then the focus shifts on to the first track in the results list also when i press the space bar it does not create a space . my search i was using was raining men unable to place a space between raining and men.



    We also tried the latest Beta release and encountered the same problem (thank you, daveydlb, for describing the issue so well!). Yesterday afternoon, we used it for a few hours at home. During that first execution of the program we were able to search for our songs and were pleasantly surprised to find that our karaoke songs that do not play in the production version worked fine (similar to in previous Beta releases). The issues we had reported with the previous Beta versions (some videos would not play or would only show the album cover, and videos playing either faster or slower than expected) did not occur. Based on the results of our initial Beta testing, we decided to use it for last night’s DJ job. As soon as we began to use PCDJ Beta, the search bar issue was noticeable and after ruling out PC keyboard settings as the problem (even tried using an external keyboard), since we did not have internet access to return to the production version of PCDJ we ended up using our backup PC which (gasp!) does not have PCDJ for music and our need-the-code-number CAVS machine for karaoke. When we got home, we reinstalled the newest Beta just in case a DLL or something else got messed up. The problem continued, so we returned to the current production version (whose search bar works fine). After doing so, we found the above posting and realized that we were not the only ones to experience the problem. We appreciate how much work you have been doing to resolve problems within Beta as they occur, and hope that this will be a relatively easy fix so that you can roll out the new version soon. Thank you.


    Ryan Sherr

    Reviewed and confirmed! This bug must have popped up when we changed the Pulselocker search to search-as-you-type. We will get it resolved today.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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