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    Alan Wood
    Alan Wood

    Do any of you guys still use list mode?

    I’m asking because Karaoki currently has 3 rotation modes and this makes the code a lot more complexed that if it only had a single ‘Fixed’ rotation mode.

    I’m thinking of removing ‘List’ and ‘Performer’ modes from Karaoki and moving them to a simpler product that is aimed at people who only need a simple song/singer list and don’t need a ‘proper’ rotation, this new product can then be tailored more towards performers who use backing tracks…. Obviously existing Karaoki users will be able to use there existing licence with both products.

    Your thoughts please.




    I RARELY use anything other than the “Fixed” rotation mode. I see the benefit of the other modes, and how I might use them from time to time, but having a second product would be more than sufficient, for my needs.

    You might sell the simpler version separately, with an upgrade fee, to move to Karaoki, and for those that have purchased Karaoki (or will), we receive a separate executable that installs as part of/alongside Karaoki, so we have it available when the simpler modes are needed. It could access the existing database structure for the library, making it easier to use for us power users, when we need the simplicity, but, at the same time, making it easy for those with lesser needs to be able to upgrade, if they decide they need more.



    I never use anything other than “Fixed” mode. In fact, the majority of KJ’s and customers in my area prefer a modified version of the fixed mode. Instead of adding a new singer truly at the very bottom of the rotation (like Karaoki does), they are added in a “numerical” type order, based upon when they signed up. So, a new singer might get lucky and be able to sing after just a few songs (if they signed up while we were approaching the bottom of the “numerical” list). If they signed up while one of the first singers in the “numerical” list were singing, they might have to wait a while. Using this method, they always stay in the same order and they can easily remember that they always sing after singer “x” but before singer “y”.

    Typically, the KJ’s in our area always start their shows singing the first song, so I found the workaround to this in Karaoki by adding them into rotation, then dragging/dropping them onto my name. This keeps everyone in that “numerical” order.


    John Surridge

    I use the same method as Pops. But I do use Karaoki as a solo performer and would still use fixed mode with only myself in the rotation. I have used list mode for a group of singers but have found there is a bit of work I have to do manually to the show file as saving the file can throw out the song order. I’m not singing in a group any more and don’t see I have anymore use for the list mode but would be good as a back up in another product and maybe share the same data files.



    I run karaoke shows but also do live performances so I need both fixed and solo options. I’m putting a show together now where I will have about five singers and want to set up a Karaoke song list for each one. Setting up a case for each one does not quite does what I want because a case does not retain the key down information and does not key the song down when played. Using history or singers data doesn’t quite work either for multiple singers when rotation is set to solo singer.

    What is the best way to set up Multiple singers with multiple songs and retain their key changes and have one song play after in auto karaoke.



    I found a work around. I am creating a new show for each singer and setting the rotation option to solo.
    If anybody knows of a better way please let me know.



    Add an option to run without song stacking… this feature always messes up. Also the other issue im having is the rotation list when scrolling up or down screws up and doubles the singer names and doesnt display correctly. very annoying when trying to change a singers song etc. I’m going back to windows 7 and 7.4 for karaoki. seems to be the one with the least problems so far. Might be time to switch to compuhost even.

    Thanks for the old versions,
    A disgruntled karaoki business.


    Ryan Sherr

    There is an option without stacking – it’s the old list mode. We aren’t doing away with it at this point, to be determined later. Right click in the rotation list and select rotation options – click on list mode.

    However, it would be insightful to know what ‘always messes up’ in fixed rotation mode? I realize there’s an issue when deleting a singer from rotation, but you wouldn’t ‘normally’ do that – you’d double-click their name and from the singer data screen click “in rotation’ to pull them out of rotation.

    If you can elaborate on what exactly is happening it would be helpful, as we’re close to launching a new public beta (planned for next week) with a number of bug fixes. A customer was really helpful last week in pinpointing a couple issues and showing us how to re-create in a video – and Alan is now working on addressing them.

    The only times I’ve seen that duplication when scrolling problem was with unsupported (underpowered) graphics cards or incorrect graphics card drivers. You may want to try updating your drivers.

    Were you using 0.8.6064 when these issues occurred?

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