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    I saw a couple of Blog posts about the Icecast Live streaming with DEX 3. I don’t get how this is all setup would could someone make a video and explain how to get it setup. Would like to make a Radio Station and be able to broadcast for my friends Sam’s Broadcaster Pro is way expensive what other costs are involved in doing a Internet Radio Station.

    Michael Jelineo (Cooldude777)


    Ryan Sherr

    Hello Michael, and welcome to the forum! Sorry for the delay in response.

    For broadcasting through an existing platform it’s pretty easy, since the platform provides all the info you need to plug into the broadcasting tab in DEX 3. I would try this site for starters to get your feet wet:

    Create a free account, and when you get to the broadcast section they will provide the credentials for the broadcast tab. Once plugged in, you then click RECORD -> BROADCAST in DEX 3 to start the broadcast. You can then invite listeners using the built in tools at Mixify.

    There are other ways to do this of course. If you have your own server you can stream directly through it. However, bandwidth costs can quickly creep out of control, unless you on have a handful of listeners.

    I think Mixify provides the easiest setup for those new to broadcasting – it’s a good first step!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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