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    Anyone out there still using VRM?

    After years of dealing with crashes and errors, despite all the tweaks you are supposed to set to avoid problems, nothing worked consistently. I was searching other programs to use, but I really prefer Red VRM. A friend of mine is a devout FX user, who also was researching other programs to use because of the constant program failures.

    Well, I finally found THE fix to prevent VRM crashes.

    Here is how I discovered it and what I did to fix it. As I was watching Red after the interface appears, it goes through a process that says “building tracks display.” I eventually received an “out of memory” error. So I then tried stopping the tracks building process, by clicking on any waitlist immediately after the interface opens. And that is the fix.

    I have used Red VRM for the past 5 months, and the worst that has happened was one hang.

    I gave this advice to my friend who uses FX, and he also has been crash free for the past two months.

    So if you like any version of VRM and want to keep using it (as long as you have a PC that runs XP) that little procedure will enable you to work your gigs without crashes. (I do have all the other recommended tweaks enabled that are recommended for DJ PCs, and have not tried it without them.)

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    Ryan Sherr

    Thanks! While it’s not supported anymore and fairly archaic in today’s world of live performance DJ mixing software, this may indeed prove useful too some of the old-timers! It does sound like you may simply have more music in the library than it can handle (it would cap out around 60,000 songs for most, before they starting experiencing issues).



    I don’t think that’s the issue, I have about 20,000 songs. It has something to do with the waitlists display. Anyway, it is a fix, one long searched for, and I and my friend who uses FX are very happy campers now. VRM does all we need for our DJing purposes.


    im still running red mobile 2…..granted havent used it since last october….is there any updates for it or is all gone now and wanting us to pay for dex?

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