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    antonio acosta dvj

    I need some help here,
    I just bought the software to work with my pioneer ddj sx2 ,my issue here is the center led on the jog wheel as soon you load up a song on any deck, this light start spinning even when the song it’s not playing ,who else has this issue and how you fixed ?


    Ryan Sherr

    Hi Antonio. and welcome to the PCDJ forum!

    I honestly don’t recall a user reporting the always-spinning center LED. To be sure, do you have the controller in the proper mode (there are two modes, one for the software it ships with and one for any other DJ software)? I know this is in the user guide for the DDJ-SX2.

    Please let me know. We can have someone check the script as well.


    antonio acosta dvj

    Hello Ryan

    Im sorry for the late reply , I tried what you suggest to do , I changed the configuration of ddj sx2 to work along with any midi controller and still the jog wheel center led spins and only happens with pcdj software , I checked with vdj and serato and the led remains in a single position ,what else would you suggest me to do , I love this software but honestly it annoys me the fact of this light constantly spinning

    Thank You

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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