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    Ryan Sherr

    DEX is our latest and greatest update for our flagship DJ mixing software that enables DJs to offer the total multimedia mixing experience to their fans and clients.

    New Text, Image and video overlays, support for the Hercules DJControl JogVision, revamped karaoke singers list and performance improvements/bug fixes.

    See all of what’s new and grab DEX here:



    I’m running into crashing issues. How do I revert back to the last version. Also, even if I disable pulselocker it is still showing up in my searches.


    Ryan Sherr

    Hi Robbie,

    We’ve had very good reports so far with DEX and it’s the public release now (wouldn’t have gone public with it unless the feedback was good!) – so we need to figure out why you’re experiacing issues (otherwise you may never be able to update to any newer release!). Do you have data on the issues, what action was performed when the issue occurred?

    When you disable Pulselocker you’re simply disabling the pop up (so when you click on the Pulselocker icon the pop up window no longer shows). If you have Pulselocker files in your internal db/search cache you may want to wipe your DB. We will have another method to exclude Pulselocker from search results later.

    You can download DEX from THIS LINK

    Still need to know the cause of the crash with however – been working very well for me (and it does seem that’s the case for the vast majority of customers that have upgraded now!). Want to help…


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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