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    I’m a TOTAL novice, ..Need Help

    I have DEX # RE Using Windows 10 and Numark Party Mix controller. I am Getting sound through my Laptop but NO sound to my external Speaker (ONLY when using the DEX 3 software, I get sound to my ext. speakers when I try Youtube etc on my laptop)

    controller works fine on laptop ie, I’m able to cue and control volume.

    I’ve gone to configure on the DEX screen and selected Audio Device ( Speakers (3 – Party Mix) still nothing.

    I’ve been all over Google and think I’ve searched th forums enough… I know this is going to be a super easy fix and you pros are laughing you butts off but PLEASE help.


    Ryan Sherr

    Yes, you would need to make sure the Party Mix is plugged in and on, then open up DEX 3 RE, go into options under the audio routing tab, and select the option for Party Mix WASAPI (needs to be the WASAPI option).

    Then, configure the channels like this:

    Deck A through D: 1+2
    Sampler: 1+2
    Headphones 3+4

    All other options, including additional headphone/preview device (button option) should be on NONE or NO AUDIO.

    Do NOT put a tick in the box for external mixer mode.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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