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    When re ordering a singers songs, for first singer sometimes it doesn’t show the next song update on screen 2, only on the DJs screen… (singer screen not updated correctly) .

    When typing into ticker text box “ENTER TEXT HERE” text doesn’t Dissapear when you start typing. You have to manually clear the box before you can type.

    When adding a song for a new singer by dragging a song to the play list, the “SELECT A SINGER OR NEW ONE” box doesn’t have the keyboard selected to the text box ready to type, you have to click in the box before every new singer can be typed.

    If you don’t use “Naming Conventions” to scan all your tracks and just skip the scan, load a singer, load two songs to that singer.
    Then double click the singer name to bring up the singers page. Try unclicking one of their songs and watch the QTY on the main singer play list, it doesn’t change. As a bonus if you unticked one song and close the window then reopen the window, the song is ticked again. Actually you can delete the song from the window completely, then open the window again, the song has been put back again. Scanning using “naming conventions” the prevents this bug.

    Checkbox bug that appears when not using naming conventions, also appears if you only scan for id3 information.

    Bgm sounds like it’s trying to cut songs off when they become quiet, moving onto the next song, sounds like it’s cutting the ends off songs, no fade no nothing. Sounds bad and annoys customers that may be enjoying a song.

    When double clicking another song in bgm, the new song plays along with new times, but the text title box doesn’t update till Karaoki mixes another song in.

    Bgm title text can be “selected” with the mouse.

    Bgm options boxes (shuffle, remove silence) can’t tell if options are on or off as they only change colour (mainly end silence) either needs a tick in the box like rotate options, or removed completely and added to “auto fade” settings. It’s weird that end silence settings and start silence settings are in different spots.

    Only two skins.

    Typing in search box while showing bgm page returns no results (understandably) when this happens suggest that soon as enter is tapped to search, main screen returns to karaoke cases, and search is performed in karaoke songs.

    Karaoki main player controls should be centred in its space, not located to the hard left of its space leaving a massive black void to its right.

    Old Dex skin, blue time displays on deck too dark to read.

    Old Dex Skin “selected” line singer que and case song selected.. is black background and blue text, very difficult to read in a hurry.

    Current release can be cracked by simply…. Details sent to Ryan. .

    Instructions manual is out of date. No mention of how to use FIXED mode.

    Adding multiples of the same singer name…. Ie “lounge” add three of them…. And try deleting one of them or modifying one of them. Software refuses to co operate.

    When bgm player starts marking songs with a red tick… (ie played once and now playing for the second run) The software starts bringing the music back about 30 seconds into the singers song… Over the karaoke song… TESTED… EVERY TIME we got to start replaying bgm songs… The bug appeared on about the 5th song…. Restarting the software but keeping the show… Prevents the bug.

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