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    Ok my pioneer DDJ is away to have an issue fixed.
    This has left me with a cheap ion discover dj which was my first ever controller to fill the gap for a bit.
    the only thing is im having problems mapping the thing in dex3.
    for example the crosfader works back to front and i can only get one jog wheel to work.
    i have downloaded a free version of another software and it works fine so i know the problem is not with the controller.
    Any help or advice would be apreciated.



    forgot to say this is on mac


    Ryan Sherr


    If you’re using LEARN, mapping the jog wheels may be difficult – they are all different, and learn for jog wheels only works so well. In-depth scripting is required, which we have to do in house.

    The crossfader should be plenty mappable using learn – you have to click the fader on screen once, than move the fader to the left. Click the on-screen fader again, move the physical fader to the right. Is that not working?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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