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    When I delete a singer from the singer list and save singer data, adding the same singer back to the show later with saved singer data results in a list if songs with key changes but with the Disk ID column blank. The correct version of the songs load and play from that singer data list, so the Disk ID is there somewhere but can’t be seen.
    This occurs with 0.8.6546 as well as 0.8.7039.
    Is this normal? And if so, can it be fixed?


    Ryan Sherr

    How are you ‘deleting’ the singer from rotation? Be sure you’re using the normal method instead of actually deleting them/their history. Double-click their name in rotation to bring up their singer data screen – click the IN ROTATION toggle button to pull them out of rotation (which will not DELETE them from the show along with their history, this just removes them from rotation).

    You are in FIXED rotation mode, correct?



    Yes, I am in FIXED mode.
    I thought I was deleting the singer from the show. I save several shows with different singer lists. When I load a different (previously saved) show, the singer data is missing the Disk ID. The same loss of DISK ID happens when I delete a singer from the current show, save his singer data, and then add him back the same show.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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