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    I have three keys programmed into Dex three for several versions now so I can use them with a foot switch.

    L=Play/Pause Left Deck
    R=Play/Pause Right Deck
    N=Mix Now

    At some point over the last couple of days I have managed to de-program the Mix Now and, when I try to program it again using Learn, it doesn’t work. If I exit the application and relaunch it, the setting has not been stored.

    I have tried assigning shortcuts to other features and they work and save fine; it is only the “Mix Now” that does not seem to be saving the configuration. I would happily edit the shortcuts_kb file if I knew the names of the fields and the values to assign.


    Ryan Sherr

    Have you tried closing DEX 3, deleting the shortcuts_kb file, and then re-launching? DEX 3 will re-generate the file on startup. Then try re-mapping the three keys again. Let me know how it goes!


    Ryan Sherr

    Do you recall which version of DEX 3 you mapped the mix now button to? IIRC, I don’t think DEX 3 supported it (possibly DEX 2). There was a reason for this that slipped my mind. I can see that mapping it right now doesn’t work regardless. I have sent an email to development about it already. If it’s broke it’ll be addressed in the next free update.


    I tried putting the following into XML (copied from back-up laptop)

    <shortcut_kb action=”autodj_next” keys=”1″>
    <key code=”110″ shift=”0″ ch=”0″ />

    But there was still no assignment when I launched Dex3


    Thanks for the replying Ryan. I renamed the shortcuts_kb and relaunched, all shortcuts had been reset. I assigned all three again, closed the application; a new shortcut file was automatically created. I relaunched, the Play/Pause assignments had been retained but the Mix Now assignment did not.

    I kind of need this fixed before a couple of gigs at the weekend. Think I might back up the DB, uninstall and reinstall.


    I would have initially mapped it about 15 months ago (not sure what version that relates to), I mainly used AUTOMIX but at that time I was getting ready for the first gig where I wanted to work it off the footswitch and that’s when I programmed it


    Ryan Sherr

    Sorry, I’m a bit confused. What I’m saying is I can’t map the mix now/arrow buttons in the mixer section of the DEX 3 default skin at all right now. I think this has been the case for some time (at least a few versions).. I recall development saying there was a reason they weren’t currently map-able. I’m using version and the buttons simply will not map.

    I’ve already sent off an email to development about it for clarification (and with the request to add it to the next update, which should be available in about 2 weeks, if needed).


    Ryan Sherr

    OK, so there IS a way you can still map the mix now – I just received the following from development:

    “Basically, in the default skin, because of all the tabs inside tabs (panels) there are some doubled buttons. For example, there are 2 mix-now buttons. They may be in the exact same place (or not) but they are different buttons. One of them is the “real” button, the other is a custom (per-skin) button that happens to do the same action.
    I’ll try to replace the virtual ones at some point in a future update.

    What the user can do for now:
    – load a much simpler skin
    – map/learn the keys/midi for those buttons
    – exit DEX just to make sure the settings are saved
    – start DEX again and change to the desired (old) skin”


    Fantastic, that worked – thank you ever so much.

    I had managed to devise a workaround by switching AUTO on and off but it wasn’t ideal.

    Thanks again

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