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    After using Karaoki since 2018 as a host, and seeing how it’s used by other hosts since 2014, it seems that the updates made so much a difference, yet some other problems haven’t been addressed. I have talked on the phone over some of the issues and get almost an immediate response and fix from the PCDJ guys. The thing that gets me is that most of the issues that cause crazy crashes or even complications during a show need to be touched up soon. With a large singer queue messing up the program, it sucks, at my usual place of work. I’ll get a 3+ hour queue almost daily. This is such a hassle cuz the program will start duplicating singers, replacing singers with other ones, removing singers you don’t want, skipping songs, or playing the graphics or lyrics from another singer/song over the current audio.

    Another issue is with the subscription, There are so many red KCP tracks that won’t ever retrieve or load up. I can’t delete them either. Along with the No Lyrics acapella tracks, they clutter the library, and no matter what I try, I can’t rid them, delete them, or exclude them from my library songbook tsv. They’ll always upload into the SongbookDB app. What do I do? I’ve even discovered way too many tracks within the subscription that are problem files. Lagging lyrics with poor timing, scattered and chaotic graphics that won’t allow anyone read them, causing near epileptic seizures xD. Again I try to delete them or mark them as “BAD” to no avail of the changes sticking, or resolving any of my issues.

    I’ve had a few people tell me they switched over to Karaoki since coming to the shows years back, but I really don’t enjoy using it. Should I wait for more patches, try to report more issues through the Forum or by phone? Should I just switch over to LYRX entirely? I have LYRX for my home use but, having to cancel Karaoke Cloud Pro and the SongbookDB subscriptions and restarting is a pain.


    Ryan Sherr

    Are you using build 7678? Please make sure and download it from this link. Just install with your existing version closed to update now. Also, are you making sure to used the FIXED ROTATION mode? If you use LIST you will run into all types of issues. That mode hasn’t been updated in years and is buggy (it will be removed from future releases). Right click in rotation and go to “rotation options” and make sure you’re using FIXED mode.

    Per the KCP, the only songs I’m aware of that don’t download are new uploads from them. They often display in the catalog list a couple weeks prior to going live. Nothing we can do about that unfortunately. Digitrax DID recently fix an issue with files that was preventing Karaoki from downloading the tracks. This was about 3-4 weeks ago. Maybe that was the issue!

    Also, when you double-click “Karaoke Cloud Pro” it will drop down. You can then select the “With Lyrics” tracks only list below it and download just the songs with lyrics and nothing else. I believe you can also right-click on the with lyrics list and export as a TSV so you can use just that list with SongbookDB vs the master list.

    Karaoki is developed independently of the other products in our lineup. Karaoki has been available since about 2005, and was originally designed when this company was owned by Visiosonic. It was the one product we kept on after we (Digital 1 Audio) purchased the brand in 2008. It is developed completely independently of our other products. LYRX, for example, stems from our DEX 3 technology. LYRX/Karaoki share no code. Some have migrated over to LYRX due to some of it’s benefits, but many other still use and enjoy Karaoki. It’s more personal preference. LYRX is developed more rapidly, however. We just posted the 1.7 release candidate HERE.

    Let me know if you have further questions!

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