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    Hi all
    I’m running a few laptops and have tried all latest realises and I’m having the worst issues poss or so far… some things that are happening are… all laptops are running rotation ie not solo or fixed etc…

    When we remove a singer fr rotation it either shuffles the whole rotation or deletes other singers songs…

    When we drag a song into the rotation to add/type the singer it will choose either the song underneath the selected song or a different song entirely.

    Please help there’s a couple of other random things that it does too…
    I’ve even tried re installing previous updates to see if I can downgrade back to something more stable however the problems seem to be re occurring in past versions too now :-/


    Ryan Sherr

    The issue is you really need to use FIXED rotation. The old LIST mode hasn’t been updated in years and does have some issues – and will likely soon be removed from Karoaki entirely. FIXED is the default mode, and should work as intended. Remember to just right-click on a singer in rotation and select “remove from rotation” or double-click their name in rotation and click the IN ROTATION toggle button to pull them out. Rotation should remain in proper order at all times.

    So in short, make sure you’re using version 0.8.6546, right click in rotation and select “clear rotation” and then right-click -> rotation options and select FIXED. All should perform properly in this mode.

    Let us know how it goes!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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