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    John E B

    I have the same problem Ronzo has, a little different, when I load a Karaoke song, it completely Logs out my DEX3 from the laptop, I have to reload the program, I’ll try it again with the same song, and again it totally logs me out, Next day I tried the same thing, with the same song and it worked good, problem is, it happens every once in a while, but it’s embarrassing when the people have to wait for the laptop to reload the DEX3 program and find the same song by a different label….. another different problem, when I search for a song, A simple title like Crazy, it won’t be at top of the list, first one is Gone Crazy, then Crazy Bitch, etc etc. I’ll find it 18 song down the line…… I use a Dell Inspiron 5567…8GB RAM, 1TB memory i7 2.7 64bit system..


    Ryan Sherr

    First, are you certain you’re running v3.16.0.2? You can check by clicking the DEX logo (top left corner of your screen). The fact it’s hit or miss is very odd — as in all cases I’ve discussed prior, it’s always certain files that cause the issue all of the time. I have to wonder if your issue is related to a known bug in 3.13 and prior releases. It would cause the DB to get corrupt, which could lead to a myriad of issues. The only resolution is a complete re-build of your DB. To do this, go into options, under the “general” tab, and click the ‘data folder’ button. When the folder opens, close DEX 3. In the data folder, go into the folder named “database” and delete the file in the folder labeled “database”. Now relaunch DEX 3 and import all your tunes again (batch import all into the DB) and see if you can re-create the issue.

    We have found an issue with our unzip engine with certain specific karaoke zip files that will be resolved with a new external method to unzip the files (in a future update), but again, it’s re-creatable every time with v3.16.0.2 with those specific files. You’re issue appears to be different.

    It would also be good to know your processor, amount of RAM, graphics card and approximately how many tracks total in your database. Thanks!

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