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    I have been unable to search and find songs within Karaoki after I add them via ‘Scan SingleTrack’. After I import the song I scan for naming convention and can see the newly added song at the bottom of the library, but when I search for it I have no success. I have tried rebuilding the search and have toggled back and forth from enhanced to legacy also with no luck. I have found that the only way to have the newly added songs be searchable is to close the application and re-open it which is not a viable option during a show. Any help would be appreciated.


    >OS Version = Win10
    >APP Version = 0.8.6836.21275
    >AV Engine Version =
    >Local IP = XXXXXXX
    >KaraokeDX Found = False
    >Date Installed = 4/6/2019
    >Machine Number = XXXXXXX
    >Licenced to Daniel
    >Licence Number = XXXXXXX
    >Initialise Audio
    >Initialise Meters
    >Initialise Audio Engine Done
    >Loading Column Data.
    >Loading Form Size & Location Data.
    >Ready For Use.


    Ryan Sherr

    Usually, simply using the ‘rebuild search db” function during a session will add anything in your cases to the search cache – without having to restart (when you restart Karaoki it does automatically rebuild the search DB). Can you try this with the new version of Karaoki? Download/Install from this link with your version closed to update now — let me know if the issue persists!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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