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    Halloween night I was playing for a party, and had created my playlist ahead of time. Added all the songs to the right column and hit “Automix”. First 5 songs or so switched back and forth like they should. All of a sudden, I noticed I had the same song in both decks. Tried right clicking on song to substitute into one of the decks, but the only thing that would fix the problem was to totally close DEX3 RE, restart and reload the playlist again. This happened 3 times during the night. I ended up having to finish up the night playing songs directly from iTunes.

    Anyone else had problems like with with DEX3 RE. I’ve downloaded trial version of full DEX3 program, but don’t have the money to upgrade right now, and don’t know if that would take care of the problem.


    Ryan Sherr

    Hello Sheryl.

    That almost sounds like your external drive (are you using one?) was losing connection – or becoming slow/unresponsive. It sounds like the same issue where if you try to load a track, and nothing happens, its due to a dead link (physical file location was moved).

    If you use an external drive for your music, make sure the power saving options are turned off – here’s how:

    I would suggest (if you have the room) using your internal drive for your DJ music instead – you will get better overall performance. External drives are great for making back ups etc, but sometimes run into connectivity issues. It really sounds like DEX 3 was unable to load since it wasn’t getting anything back from the HD – making it seems like those next songs were ‘dead links’

    I ran DEX 3.7 (same as DEX 3 RE in this regard) on automix for about 4 hours on Halloween evening – no issues playing through the entire sidelist.



    i have problems with automix not loading any songs. I know their not dead files because i can load them manually. the slider just moves from one side to another. In my experience with other controllers if th file is dead it will move along to the next song this isn’t the case. Only had the problem since last download the latest update. when you advised me to go into data folder and delete preferences in settings folder to regain second monitor could this have caused the problem. i also have playlists in itunes which have the same problem and i know their ok because they play fine on djay pro any suggestions

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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