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    1. i cant find option to auto video and audio crossfader, i want it automatic cross to the play deck
    right now need manually cross the video crossfader every video’ and i play many same night.(like in virtual dj)
    when i drag file from folder into deck it added to the list and i need to load it into deck
    i will very happfull if it load into deck direct from the windows folder(its like in virtual dj)

    there is shortcut for ” enable separate video window” ?
    if you can enable\disable that option by clicking on “master video preview”
    it will perfect(its like in virtual dj)

    4,pls add cpu metter loading…(like in virtual dj, traktor dj etc…

    im virtual dj user and im very considering to move to “pcdj dex3”
    all the videos works perfect for me in pcdj, and now im demo mode to try the program im really want to buy it

    thank u awesome program..
    waiting for reply


    Ryan Sherr

    Thanks for the feedback – and welcome to the forum!

    To answer these:

    1) If you want auto, then load up a few tracks in the side list and engage the “AUTO” button – this will automix (autoplay) through your list fading from track to track seamlessly (audio and video). You can also use the double arrow in the crossfader section to do a ‘mix now’ which will start the opposite deck and fade over to it (both audio and video). Make sure you have the cross-faders (audio and video) locked for either of these options to work.

    2) Correct, you can drag and drop from explorer or finder into LISTS – but not into the decks. This one is hard to explain. But in short. unlike VDJ our software pretty much runs in it’s own environment. It doesn’t use the underlying OS for anything. Think of it kinda like a “game” – so any calls to the underlying OS have to be written manually and from scratch (we can’t just talk to the OS directly). There are many reasons we code DEX 3 like this, but mainly because we have ‘one code’ to update, maintain and deploy that works on ALL OS’s. So things like dragging in from explorer we had to write from scratch – and loading directly to the decks has it’s own set of barriers. You can of course simply nest your folders as ‘favorites’ for direct access – therefore opening file explorer in windows shouldn’t be a necessity.

    3) No ‘shortcut’, but you can either click the center preview window to launch it, or use the ‘tick box’ to enable it under the Video Tab in options/preferences. So you can click the big (center) mixed output preview windows to launch screen 2 (which you can drag over to the secondary display and click full screen to maximize it there).

    4) This is possible, just needs a skin update really – it’s already supported from a ‘code’ standpoint. The default skin simply doesn’t have it. I want to add it, too.



    hi, i’m new

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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