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    I try to double click/drag them nothing works.. Please help


    Ryan Sherr

    Hello Tammy, and welcome to the forum!

    Your issue sounds like it’s related to dead links in the PCDJ Library.

    If you can’t load a song to a deck from the PCDJ library (meaning when you drag the song to the deck or right click to load it an NOTHING happens) it’s because the PATH to the physical file (the actual file itself on your hard drive) is broken:

    Meaning, the path to the files your attempting to play in PCDJ themselves (physical file location) has changed since importing into PCDJ. Browsers/Databases like what’s used in all PCDJ software are based on valid links to the physical file – so evidently your changing the path (likely not on purpose.)

    If you use an external hard drive to store your music, the common issue is that the DRIVE LETTER changes for the hard drive itself. Windows assigns the external hard drive a different letter (E to F for example) – which will of course break the path to the files in PCDJ. You simply can’t change the file path after you import into PCDJ or you’ll break the valid links.

    To avoid the Hard Drive letter changing, ALWAYS make sure that when you plan to use the external hard drive that you have it plugged into your computer BEFORE turning it on. Never plug in the external hard drive AFTER the computer is already on – or Windows will assign it another drive letter, breaking the path to the files.

    Of course, you can’t rename any of the directories the files are in, or move the files around on the drive either – that will break the links too.

    You can right click in any list or the database in PCDJ and choose to “remove dead files” (give it a few seconds to “think”) and you’ll see the dead files get removed. Just re-import the files from their current location and rebuild the library at this point – that way the links will be valid. And moving forward always have your hard drive plugged in before turning your computer on to avoid this happening again in the future.

    Here’s some tips specifically about this:

    Let us know how things go.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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