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    Hello. This is not strictly a PCDJ question, but I know you can help.

    I presently use a Windows 10 HP computer for my home karaoke system, with tracks from the computer playing to a mixer, which then feeds the speakers. I get the sound from the computer to the mixer via a jack on the audio outlet which then feeds to the mixer via two 1/4″ plugs.

    I’ve been told I would get better sound and have more flexibility if I replaced the cord from the computer to the mixer with a Behringer UCA 202. So, I bought one, and pluged the Behringer into a usb port on the Windows 10 computer, and the 2 1/4″ jacks into same jacks on the mixer that I had previously used. No sound.

    The salesman at the music store told me that it is possible that I might have to go in the Windows settings, and select the Behringer in the audio settings. I tried to do so, but I cannot find any options in the audio settings to select any outputs.

    So, what am I doing wrong? How can I use the Behringer 202 to replace my simple output cord?

    Glen Kenney

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