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    How do you copy your “USER LISTS” Aka Play lists from one DEX 3 Laptop To Another One…???…


    Ryan Sherr

    Do both machines store the music itself (physical files) in the EXACT same location? Keep in mind a “user list” is just song information and “links” to where your music lives on your computer. Therefore, if you want to use user lists from one machine on another one, both machines have to store the music in the exact same location (if it’s an external hard drive, the drive letter would need to be exactly the same for both machines, for example). If the music is indeed in the exact same location on both machines, you can copy over all your user lists/database at once. Go into options, under the “General” tab, and click the “data folder” button. A folder will open up. Copy the Database folder. You will then move that entire folder over to the new machine. Open up DEX 3 on the new machine, go into options and click “Data Folder”. When the folder opens up CLOSE DEX 3. Now copy/paste the Database folder from the prior machine into the Data folder, replacing the Database folder that will already be inside. Then, launch DEX 3 and your user lists etc will all be there. Providing the links are valid, songs should load and play – if they don’t they are dead links, which means the physical location of your music is different on the new machine than it was the old – so you would need to blow out your database and start fresh with new user lists etc.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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