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    HYa sorry to be a pain but I cant get files played on a certain date to organise by time played,
    I have opened history and selected a specific date but the songs shown are all mixed up as far as time is concerned.
    I have highlited all songs and used sort by time command but they don’t all appear in time order, some times maybe three entries are in correct order but then the next song is say 2 hrs later then next 1 hr before that.

    can some one please tell me where I am going wrong

    many thanks bertybert


    Ryan Sherr

    I checked my list, order is fine. What version of DEX 3 are you running right now? Songs only go into history if they are played continuously for more than 20 seconds as well – so keep that in mind. You also do not need to highlight songs to sort – just use the sort button and it will sort all results in the list you’re already in/have open.

    You may want to submit a support ticket for this one as well – so our techs can have a look.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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