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    guy morris

    Yes Ok I know it is not supported any longer but I have on 2 x Vista machines Dex 1. I encountered a problem on PCDJ on one machine so uninstalled and reinstalled from my original CD and code but then noticed it would no longer play m4a files because the version was of course prior to the later updates (Laptop 2 plays them as it is 7296) So found the final build 7296 download at the PCDJ support section saved! BUT no after downloading it keeps telling me it is a trial and I have 14 days there appears to be no place to enter my code that came with the original software and of course it cannot be purchased.
    I assume that PCDJ 3 is not Vista compatible and these machines are actually not really active for main DJ play out but more for corporate BGM use but now one will not play any I tunes tracks because of the build version.
    Any suggestions on how I can install 7296 with out having a registration expire warning please!


    Ryan Sherr

    Hi Guys, hope you’re well!

    When you open up the trial version of DEX 1 version 7296, you don’t see any option there to activate/enter code? if not, what options do you see? The activation process is difference from prior builds, but it should still provide a way to enter your code (and it should be fairly obvious).

    You are correct, the new versions of DEX 3 require Windows 7 and UP. Or, MAC OSX 10.9 and up.


    guy morris

    Hi Ryan
    Thanks for your reply. Have been trying to sort this in the background without troubling anyone as it is a legacy product.
    The original CD install build was 6601 and it appears it will play m4a files only if they were in a case being used by the 7296 version but no m4a tracks can be loaded now from the main music files ony mp3 as it is back to the original install version also nothing will delete, tracks or cases so it appears to be a non starter apart from the tracks that are contained in the cases. To try and get the last available update what code are you supposed to use? There appears to be 2 The Serial number which turned out to be the activation code as well, starting VIS- DEX but I also have another reference I wrote down on the product sheet starting Dev2-…………… neither seem to work when entered.
    It seems a shame to waste this play out system but as it is on Vista new programs are not supporting the OS now (not even spotify!) so the only hope was just to get the version update installed. Until now it has been a very solid play out system and the auto play was perfect for what it was needed for.


    Ryan Sherr

    Guy, I’m a bit confused by your response, but the code “VIS-DEX” is for DEX 1, not Karaoki. You should submit a ticket for support on this so they can confirm your activation code. Do that here:

    So you’re saying you can’t just right click on the name of a case and select “delete case”?

    m4a files have never been supported in Karaoki. For the BGM you need to use either mp3 or wav, that it’s for now.

    Sure you’re not talking about MP4? Those are different file types. m4a is an aac file, and iTunes file format that’s audio-only. MP4 is a video file.

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