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    Just bought Dex3 and hooked up my Denon HC4500. nothing shows up on the Denon display. I was able to use the learn button to get play and cue set up but nothing else yet. I would’ve thought the Denon would be mapped automatically. Am I missing something? The controller is showing up under options.
    Windows 10 laptop


    Ryan Sherr

    Hello Lloyd,

    Providing you have the latest Firmware and Drivers – the HC4500 should work plug-and-play with DEX 3 (you only have to select the Denon DJ ASIO driver in options for the audio routing).

    Also, never plug in the HC4500 before you install the drivers – as windows will load the windows midi driver and DEX 3 will not detect it that way. It’s important to install the latest drivers first – and then plug in the HC4500 and update the firmware to the latest. Denon should have all this on their website – under the support/downloads section on the HC4500 product page.

    Let us know how it goes!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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