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    So is anyone having an issue with DEX3 crashing in Windows 10? So far this is happened to me at three events where I had to restart either DEX3 or I will restart then entire laptop just to be on the safe side. This is frustrating not to mention embarrassing. I don’t want to blame the app immediately but I dont want to try to get a new laptop set up to rule that out. I used Virtual DJ before and am leaning on moving back to it for the reliability unless someone has a fix for the issue. The program would freeze. Any input appreciated. Thanks


    Ryan Sherr

    Thanks for the report!

    What build of DEX 3 are you currently running? What are the specifications of the machine (specifically RAM, Processor, and Graphics card)? Are you mixing videos, are they HD? Approximately how many tracks total have you imported into the DEX 3 library, as well?

    When exactly does the crash seem to occur, performing what action?

    The more data you can provide the easier we can troubleshoot. Obviously crashing ONCE is too much, and we’re simply not seeing reports that would indicate it’s a DEX 3 specific issue – although could still be related, of course.

    We do have a new beta update we just posted that’s a pretty core upgrade – the AV engine has received a lot of refactoring and many performance improvements are also included. We have built in error handing for a number of bad/corrupt tags that were causing crashes for some users (on loading to the decks or importing into the library).

    We did find a couple issues already with the 3.8 beta we posted up on the site Monday – and we expect to post a new 3.8 release candidate today on the blog. Keep tabs on it as i highly suggest you try it – and attempt to perform a gig at home (perform a mix set for a couple hours, mimicking what you’d do at a gig). See if you can then re-create the crash!

    You can keep tabs on the PCDJ blog here



    when dex3 is finish loadind clear all sidelist/automix list that should fit it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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