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    Upon your recommendation I had downloaded the program that opens my karaoke zip files and placed them in all new folders. However Dex 3 still isn’t reading them all. In the Zip file opening program it has an option of deleting the old zip folders after this is done and still not reading them all. How can I remedy this problem once and for all???


    Ryan Sherr

    First off, if you previously imported the zip files into DEX 3, you need to start over with a fresh database so the old zip files are no longer in the cache.

    With DEX 3 closed, go to Documents -> PCDJ-DEX3 -> Database. In that folder delete the ‘database’ file.

    Now, launch DEX 3 and be careful to only access the folder the unzipped karaoke files are in (since you do not want to re-import the original unsupported zip files). If you have a lot of subfolders (where the unzipped files are stored) than you will likely want to right click on the folder under explorer and select “add to database” – (again making sure you do not also import the original zip files).

    Remember, once you select “add to database” this only begins the import process – you will want to go up and click on ‘database’ and scroll to the bottom of the list and wait for all the songs to finish populating (you will see songs rapidly pilling in from the bottom of the list as DEX 3 reads in all the data/file names – when it’s idle, and you can get to the bottom of the list without your mouse cursor jumping up, it’s finished importing).

    If you’re files are indeed unzipped MP3+G and you wait for them to full import and populate the DB they will be imported.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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