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    I can’t find any info on whether songbookdb works with dex3 pro…..


    Ryan Sherr

    Hello, and welcome to the forum!

    DEX 3 does NOT work with Songbookdb ‘Directly’. It’s not integrated with DEX 3 like it is with Karaoki. We plan to release a natively supported remote request application for DEX 3, but it will be of our own creation – not SongbookDB. We’re likely about 2-3 months out from completion at this time.

    If you signup for SongbookDB directly from their website, and not from, you will receive a different version of SongbookDB. You CAN use it alongside of DEX 3 to accept remote requests – but you will then have to manually search for the song in DEX 3 and manually add it to rotation (that’s really the only difference when you use songbookDB as a standalone application).

    You can make DEX 3 smaller on your own display so you can see the songbookDB remote request app next to it – here’s how to resize the DEX 3 Gui:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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