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    Ryan Sherr

    A new free update for DEX 3 has just been made available for download!

    New, Changed and Fixed in DEX

    – Removed skin action “cue_pfl_mix”; removed controller script action “setCuePflMix”;
    – EQ ranges adjusted for better tweaking: -36..+6dB for low/mid and -36..+9dB for high, gain -12..+12dB; Microphone EQs -36..+12dB for low/mid/high, gain -18..+18dB;
    – Removed smaller resolutions video recording options – only HD/full-HD available
    – Fixed Finder/Explorer (inside the Browser section) to show folders/files sorted alphabetically; hide system/hidden folders/files/volumes/disks; hard/soft symbolic links (aka Symlinks) work OK;
    – Fixed crash when loading tracks with very low sample rate (22kHz or lower)
    – Small bug fixes and performance improvements

    Learn more and get it here:



    Thanks so much! I had 4 crashes last Friday with


    Ryan Sherr

    Tombepa, do you a support ticket open on the crashing issue? So far, it seems has been very stable (been running it personally for a few days, mixed for about 6 hours two nights ago on the new 64bit version and didn’t have as much as a hiccup).

    What exactly where you doing when the crashes occurred? What action in the application? Are you using a pro audio interface or DJ controller? What are the system specifications (Processor, RAM and graphics card specifically) and approximately how many tracks do you have in your database?

    We’d like to know. While we did fix a few bugs and included performance improvements in DEX, they weren’t major bugs at all, nothing that would cause a crash anyway.

    Please let us know!



    Not having the best of luck with this version. When I first installed it, it loaded up and seemed to run as it should but there was a problem with my song list. I cleared my list and shut it down to start it again and re-import my music. Well getting it to load again required me to reboot the machine. If i load DEX3 and for some reason need to restart the program, it requires a reboot every time. If I do not reboot and try to load it a second time, the splash screen comes up, the small video comes up and a smaller window behind it, as usual before loading fully, except this time it just stalls and sits there eternally without fully loading. I have tried removing all third party codecs, uninstalling and deleting all related directories from all folders including Documents and installing again. All to no avail. Still need to reboot in order to run again. Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks.


    Ryan Sherr

    Thanks for the report. So it’s clear, DEX 3 doesn’t use codecs – we have our own custom video decoder built in.

    I would open up a support ticket on this asap. We haven’t had another report of an issue like this so far to my knowledge and we’ve had a few thousand downloads of the update thus far. Click on “New Support Ticket” on this page and submit the same info to our techs. They can rope in a developer if need be. Here:

    Are you on 32bit or 64bit?

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