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    Ryan Sherr

    Download and try the new DEX 3.7.0 Public Beta 2:

    Public Beta 2 (release candidate) of DEX 3.7 for both Mac and Windows is ready for a test spin!

    As outlined in the previous 3.7 beta post from last week, DEX 3.7 introduces the ability to create beautiful multi-layer text, image and video overlays that you can display on screen for your audience – while mixing music videos or audio.

    The DEX 3.7 beta 2 update, which is a release candidate, can be downloaded below and includes a couple tweaks to the new overlay capabilities – notably the ability to create overlays before sending live to the audience in the event you want to design them on the fly instead of in pre-production.

    Learn more and download it here:

    Please post any issues and feedback here in this thread!



    Same problem with “Rset Pitch After Mix” Don’t Work,



    I am also having an issue with Playlists. I just downloaded the newest version and it’s the same issue. Every time I try to delete a playlist, the program stops responding and crashes. This has happened in the last 3 versions.



    Ryan Sherr


    The playlists you’re attempting to delete, were they imported originally? Wondering if it’s an old DB problem carrying over – I can delete any playlists without issue, and this is the first report I’ve heard of this.

    I do recall issues previously with DEX 2 imported playlists.


    Ryan Sherr

    Can you send me your DB file so I can recreate the prob here? It’s in documents -> pcdj-dex3 -> database. Zip up the database file in that folder and email to Rsherr (at) pcdj dot com


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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