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    Ryan Sherr

    We just posted up DEX 3.6 (Public Beta 4).

    You can download it now and learn about what’s new, changed and fixed HERE

    Please feel free to post any issues here in this thread!



    Only problem so far is audio playback of music video. Only sound is a pop every second or so.


    Ryan Sherr

    Thanks! What audio device are you using under the audio tab in options? If using a wasapi option, try using a different one. If using asio, you may need to bump up the latency a bit.


    Ryan Sherr

    OK this isn’t up on the site yet but we now have public beta 3 for DEX 3 – here’s what’s new and changed:

    Changes (since beta 2):
    – automatically configure audio for controllers (if the controller script implements it) + setting to disable/enable it
    – new controller actions and notifications for sampler (very easy to add normal/instant/stutter mode + led blinking to sampler leds on the controller)
    – fixed microphone problems
    – automatically enable On-Air when Talk is used
    – changed name from “pcdjDEX” to “DEX3”
    – updated to Pulselocker SDK 1.2 (still working only on MacOSX, disabled on Windows)
    – minor bug fixes



    Ryan Sherr

    DEX 3.6 Public Beta 4 Now Available

    Here’s What’s New And Changed In DEX 3.6 Beta 4
    3.6.0 beta 4 (both Mac/Windows).
    Changes since beta 3:

    – Loop small videos (if you link a video clip that is smaller than the audio track, the video gets looped)
    – Fixed loading of corrupted (but recoverable) tracks like certain WMA files (eg. wmapro with bad frames)
    – Fixed video recording, you can now record in MP4 on Windows too (better overall video recording quality)
    – Various small performance improvements


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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