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    I have a lot of music, karaoke and regular music, as well as videos. I add the folder to my database and everything goes in fine. My question is when I get new stuff, is the only way to add it to my database to delete the database folder and then rebuild the database after I add the new files or is there a way to just import the new stuff? Is it just best for me to create a new user list and drag all of my files into that folder? If so what’s the point of the database to begin with? I love Pcdj now that I’ve become used to it but I’m stumped when it comes how the database works. When my database is being imported where can I see the progress and nothing tells me when it’s complete.

    Thanks in advance!


    Ryan Sherr

    Hi John, if you review this documentation on this page it will explain how to update the internal DB and search/tag cache when you add new songs to your HD. Basically, nest your main music folders under ‘favorites’ — and when you add new songs to a folder, open up DEX 3 and click on the corresponding folder — as soon as you ‘see’ the songs they are added to the internal database/search cache. The database ‘lists’ is just a quick method to add everything you have right now to ensure it’s all searchable etc:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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